Events 2019


EVENTS 2019.
1st February - MUSEUM NIGHT


 noć muzeja 2019


























Museum night in museums “Muzeji Hrvatskog zagorja”












1st - 2nd March - RALLY KUMROVEC 2019.




 press rally 2018













  • The place of event:   Muzej ˝Staro selo˝ Kumrovec,
  • The Green George celebrating the real beginning of spring and farming year by the procession of Green Georg, lighting and jumping over St.George’s bonfire.







 Festival of flintlock associations and promotion of the flintlock firing skills. This event promotes and presents the traditional custom of firing the flintlock at Easter time in Croatian Zagorje.





  • The place of event:   Muzej ˝Staro selo˝ Kumrovec,
  • The Green George celebrating the real beginning of spring and farming year by the procession of Green Georg, lighting and jumping over St.George’s bonfire.







27th April - 'Z BREGA NA BREG trail DESINIĆ











26th - 28th April - ST. GEORGE'S DAYS IN DESINIĆ





  • The place of event: Desinić, at various locations
  • Description of event: Celebration of st. George’ s day and  Day of the Municipality Desinić. Various events are organized (wine, cheese, bread, salamis exhibitions) and traditional bonfire. The event is enriched by cultural and entertaining programs.
















 Date:    25th. May (Saturday)

  • The place of event:   Kumrovec
  • Description of event: An international event celebrating the birthday  former Yugoslav President  Josip Broz.













16th June (Sunday) - A SUTLA SI TEČE (SUTLA FLOWS – festival of vocal groups)


  • The place of event:  Zagorska Sela

Festival of vocal groups of Obsotelj and Croatian Zagorje gathers best vocal groups from both side of the river Sutla. Ciltural, entertainment and tourism event is organized in collaboration with dozen organizations of the Municipalities Zagorska Sela and Podčetrtek (Slo). During the festival the traditional, as well as modern, songs are performed.





  • The place of event:  Zagorska Sela
  • Description of event: 5th Vocal Group Festival from Obsotlje i Hrvatsko zagorje gathers the best vocal groups from both sides of the river Sutla. A cultural, entertainment and tourist event is organized in cooperation with a dozen associations and institutions. The festival features traditional and modern songs. In addition to performing the best vocal groups, there is also a music program, traditional food offer and offer of products produced at farms. The event will take place in the backyard of household Šumak in Miljana, Municipality of Zagorska Sela. Organizers: Tourist board of the Kumrovec, Desinić, Zagorska Sela area, Podčetrtek Tourism, Bistrica ob Sotli and Kozje, Municipality of Zagorska Sela, Municipality Podčetrtek and Traditional Household “Šumak”.
  • A Sutla si teče

    A Sutla si teče

    A Sutla si teče

    A Sutla si teče

    A Sutla si teče

    A Sutla si teče












Dear friends and guests of Tabor Film Festival,

After the last year’s fifteenth anniversary, we entered the sweet sixteen era and decided to use the best of it: enthusiasm, curiosity, energy and openness to new ideas. All of that and much more is a part of this year’s program – a program that we have been ardently preparing for you throughout the year.

We look forward to presenting you the best short films from all over the world at out festival. In addition to international and domestic competition in the official part of the program, we have prepared a rich additional program through which you will be acquainted with various cinematographers and premier titles. The two winners from the last year will be coming back to Tabor not only as members of the jury, but also as presenters of their new work. The work of Split’s director Boris Poljak will be more closely presented with the retrospective of his films, while Berlin based filmmaker Volker Schlecht, whose Drushba Pankow is synonymous with brilliant illustrations, will introduce us to his design solutions and animated films. Among the members of this year’s jury are a young director from Belgrade Stefan Ivančić whose film retrospective is also in the program, and Jennifer Lynde Barker who will give a lecture on early Japanese animation. Veliki Tabor is a regular stop for the film tour of best works of young European filmmakers nominated for the prestigious European Film Academy award. Thanks to that, we will have the chance to watch the best of the best in last year’s European film production.

If you consider the name of the program Le Ragazze del Porno provocative, you are not mistaken: we will host films of Italian director Monica Stambrini who deals with topics of pornography and sexuality in artistically intriguing fashion.
The relaxed and fun atmosphere will be continued in the traditional Night of the Living Audience in which we will watch movies with a lot of laughter and cheerful enthusiasm. Zagorje special program will surely evoke nostalgia with a short flashback to the festival’s past with the movie “Castle” recorded at the 4th Tabor Film Festival. Special feature of this year’s Sound & Vision program is a guest artist who is also the author of the film and music. Distinguished, Porin-awarded jazz musician Vedran Ružić will present his project called Spiritual Market, which combines a jazz album and a film based on music, an abstract view of Marco Polo’s journey.

We remain in the field of visual arts trough video installations of Goran Škofić, which you will be able to see during the festival. In addition to the numerous musical performances of local and foreign bands on six stages and a lecture by renowned music producer Denis Mujadzic Denykena, the cultural program of this year’s Tabor was enriched with a theatrical performance, the cult Hoerspiel – a small listening (and watching) game.

With a desire to open the dialogue on important topics and experiences of living in the modern times, we will be talking about a topic of self-sustainability in this year’s program Create beautiful stories. Our diverse lecturers in the program will be prof. Damir Bakić from PMF-a, inventor Ivan Mrvoš, Boris Jokić, Luka Tomac, Paul O’Grady i Davor Rostuhar.
The connection with the local community and the medieval context of the castle will be shown through the knife-forging workshop under the leadership of Karlo Ban Bladesmitha from Desinić. Thanks to Krooncheck’s workshop for vlog creation we will leap into virtual reality, and Boris Štromar will guide us into all the secrets of the starry sky.

We hope that our four-day sweet sixteen party in a castle surrounded by greenery, with plenty of cultural offerings and entertainment for everyone’s taste, warm summer days and nights, socializing, relaxation, local gastronomy and the most positive atmosphere will linger in your memory for a long time!

We wish you a pleasant stay at our festival!










 The place o event: Veliki Tabor /Desinić/

  • Organizer: Građanska organizacija za kulturu – Gokul
  • Event description: This year’s edition of Tabor Film Festival is its 15thanniversary. When we, as a group of enthusiasts, started the festival in 2003, we couldn’t even dream that it would one day become an internationally acclaimed and popular film festival. The best proof of this are more than 1,000 submitted shorts from more than 80 countries from around the world. Last year we diversified our music program, which will also be the case this year. When you add the beautiful medieval Veliki Tabor Castle and enchanting Zagorje region to the mix, it becomes clear why Tabor Film Festival has become essential for all art lovers and those who like to have a good time.The film program of the 15thTabor Film Festival comprises of two competition programs in domestic and international competition, and additional film programs. In addition to the selected films, the visitors will get a chance to watch the best shorts selected from programs of the best international short film festivals. In the additional program we bring you a film retrospective of Slovenian director Špela Čadež, films selected by a member of the international jury Michael Pattison, films nominated for the European Film Academy awards, a selection of the best films from the KIKI festival, and the programs Sound&Vision, Zagorje Special and the Night of the Living Audience.
    This year’s music program comprises more than 30 performers, DJs and live acts on 5 stages. Some of the performers who will have the honor to play at the 15thanniversary of Tabor Film Festival are: Urban & 4, Let 3, My Baby, Jimmy Stanić & Sexy Boys, Matija Svira Arsena, Kries and M.O.R.T.This year’s edition of the festival also boasts numerous lectures, book promotions, exhibitions and workshops. Boris Jokić, one on the most important people of the curricular reform will talk about the future of education through film and music. Promotion of Zoran Grozdanov and Nebojša Zelić’s book Believing in dialogue will be an opportunity to talk about the secular and the religious and the book Horizons of Atheism: correspondence on religion, science and the meaning of life will be presented by Pavel Gregorić and Željko Porobija, two atheists from completely different walks of life. Artist Vanda Kreuz will present her work during her exhibition “The invisible light” and Vladimir Frelih and Dragan Matić authored the exhibition “Sifonija”. Drone filming and photography workshop will be conducted by Ivan Vidaković from HexaWorx, and the workshop on the basics of DJing will be conducted by the award-winning DJ Venom. Senegalese artist Commi Balde and Abi Seydi will hold the Afro Djembe Dance workshop and Iva Sirotić will be in charge of the morning No hangover Workout.Rural household Grešna Gorica will provide the much-needed refreshment in the hot summer days in the form of tasty homemade food and alcoholic beverages. Those who enjoy the refreshments a bit too much will find the cure in Veronika’s Hangover Corner.All in all, there are plenty reasons for you to join us from 6 July to 9 July in the Veliki Tabor Castle! We are looking forward to seeing you there!flyer filmovicover TFF 2017 

 TFF flyer 2017

Tabor Film Festival

International short films festival, the only one of its kind in Zagorje.)









12th - 13th July - DAYS OF CULTURE, FUN AND SPORTS ||Horvatska 2019.||






  • Date: 12th and 13th July 
    Place of the event: Velika Horvatska
    Event Description: With the aim of preserving the intangible cultural heritage of its region, KUD Horvatska organizes cultural-artistic and sports events where numerous cultural-artistic, sporting and other societies and individuals from all over Croatia are participating.










16th August - CONCERT |SUSRET PJESNIKA Kumrovec






  • Date: 16th August, 
  • Place of the event:   Kumrovec
  • Event description: As part of the celebration of St. Rocco’s Day, a concert of musicians from Kumrovec and the surrounding area is performed, where domestic and world-famous melodies are performed.













24th August (Saturday)

Castle Veliki Tabor, Desinić










25th August - Bučnica fest, Zagorska Sela

 Date of the event: 25th August (Sunday)

  • Location of the event:   Zagorska Sela
  • Descritpion of the event: Bučnica fest is a competition between local restaurant in preparing a traditional local delicacy “Bučnica” evaluated by a professional court.  As part of the festival local family farms and others can present and sell  their home made/grown products. Visitors can taste “Bučnica” and enjoy musical and cultural program. Preparing of “Bučnica” will be demonstrated, and for kids there will be old traditional games demonstration.

 Archives:bucnica_2bucnica_3bucnica4Zag list_buč








6th - 8th September - ETHNO - ECO - FAST FESTIVAL KUMROVEC

 Presentations of customs and staging of the lifestyle in Kumrovec and the surroundings at the beginning of the 20th century are organized. Next to the music and dancing events in the ambience of the old Zagorje village, an exhibition and sales of the autochthon foods and other products are held. As part of the Zagorje wedding will be held, showing the course of the traditional wedding of the Kumrovec region (from proposal of the bride, engagement, wedding, to the removal of the corolla – the moment when the bride becomes a young woman). The entire course of the wedding ceremony take place according to the old customs of the Kumrovec area during transition from the 19th to the 20th century.




18th - 20th October - APPLE DAYS IN DESINIĆ


 Exhibition of old varieties of apples and other fruits and fruit products. Expert lectures are also organized. Family farms, wine shops and others present their products. A special gastro offer accompanied by the cultural program.



  • Place of the event: Castle Veliki Tabor, Desinić
  • Description of the event: Organized by the Agricultural and Dairy Cooperative Zagorka from Desinić and Desinić Municipality, an exhibition of old varieties of apples and other fruits and fruit products is organized. Professional lectures on the preservation of old apple varieties and in general about fruit and fruit products are being organized. Its products are represented by family farms in the area of Desinić municipality and the wider region.  With the  offer of meals and drinks from the local restaurants, visitors can taste traditional apple delight “jabučjak”.









26th October - SUBOTA U ETNO SELU






























  • Place of the event: Ethnological museum „Staro selo“ Kumrovec
  • Date of the event: ___ December 
  • Description of the event: During the Advent, visitors to the “Old Village” Museum Kumrovec can participate in the creation of traditional Christmas jewelry, and permanent residential arrangements will be arranged according to the tradition of Christmas decorating houses in Kumrovec and its surroundings. An interactive museum-educational workshop will be organized and the candle burning on the Advent wreath.








  • Place of the event: Castle Veliki Tabor, Desinić
  • Event description: Exhibition and sale of Christmas products, cakes, live nativity scene recreation, children’s workshops, music programs, etc.






- Štruklijada



 štruklijada 2018 glava fb

 Museum Staro selo (Old Village) Kumrovec

The main goal of the manifestation is to promote and protect Zagorje štrukli , recognizable culinary brand of Zagorje. The manifestation has exhibit  and competitive character, in which the best Zagorje caterers compete for the title of the “First Zagorje štrukli”. 







____ - BIKE TOUR





  • Organizer: Sports Association Kumrovec
  • The place of event:   Kumrovec, Zagorska Sela, Desinić
  • Event description:
  • Contact: Bojana Krajcar, 098 180 0687















Turnir3 DSC00244 Turnir2 turnir12 

 The place of event: Kumrovec, Josip Broz Elementary School

  • Event description: Street football tournament organized by the Sports Association “Kumrovec”, where many teams from Croatia and Slovenia participate and tournament is visited by the great number of fans of football and people from public life. The tournament is dedicated to sports journalist Boris Mutić.