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Tourist Board of the Kumrovec, Desinić, Zagorska Sela area 

Fairy tale in the hand

Tourist Board of the Kumrovec, Desinić, Zagorska Sela area

Fairy tale in the hand


In the old records, Kumrovec first appeared in 1463. as one of Cesargrad’s properties, which had been in the hands of the  Counts  „Celjski“ from the earliest times in the 14th century. Read more…



Desinić is an ancient settlement which was first mentioned 1334. as the seat of the parish of “Ecclesia sancti Gheorgii de Zothla” (“Parish of St. George of Sutla”). Read more…



Zagorska Sela

Since 1886. there is a municipality of Sela. It was located in the district of Klanjec and Varaždin county. In 1952. Klanjec district was rebuilt by the Municipality of Zagorska Sela. Read more…

About us

Tourist Board  of the Kumrovec, Desinić, Zagorska Sela covers the Kumrovec, Desinić and Zagorska Sela municipalities, which stretch along the left bank of the Sutla River, passing the state border with the Republic of Slovenia from Zelenjak to the Donje Brezno and representing the final western part of the Croatian Zagorje. On the northern side, it borders the Municipality of Hum na Sutli through the municipalities of Zagorska Sela and Desinić. On the east and south side, the area of activity of the Tourist Board extends to the border with the Town of Pregrada, the Municipality of Tuhelj and in the south with the City of Klanjec.

Castles, curia, sacral buildings and other monuments in the area of the Kumrovec , Desinić, Zagorska Sela,area  remind us of the high level of cultural life and architectural art of the past centuries, and the magical tastes of the past times, will attract even the most demanding.

From traditional cuisine and bread baking from rural households and restaurants, traditional cuisine and food made with the combination of traditional and modern way of preparation, using groceries grown on hills and in valleys along the Sutla River and the stream Horvatska.

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